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Genafor/Arevir HBV drug resistance interpretation tool

Joachim Büch, Martin Däumer, Daniel Hoffmann, Rolf Kaiser, Thomas Lengauer, Ulrike Schuldenzucker, Eugen Schülter (in alphabetical order)

On submitting below one or more HBV pol-gene / sp-gene DNA sequences in the Fasta format, you will obtain a list of
(1) substutions in both reading frames relative to HBV genotype D or alternatively to a consensus sequence of the respective reference genotypes and
(2) an interpretation of the mutational pattern with respect to various drugs used in anti-HBV therapy.
For reliable predictions the sequences must contain the motif "TCCCATCCCATC" starting at least with codon 159 in the pol frame.
No clinical decision should be based only on the result of the used algorithm.
For additional interpretation of HBV with HIV-GRADE HBV use the button at the end of the result page

In the listbox below you can also choose to try the algorithm with some sample HBV sequences.

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