Welcome to Genafor − Open Services for Medical Research

How to contact GENAFOR?

By email to...


You can also send conventional mails to each of the Chairpersons:
Chair for Experimental Research:

Dr. Rolf Kaiser, Institute for Virology, University of Cologne, Fürst-Pückler-Str. 56, D-50935 Cologne, Germany

Chair for Theoretical Research:

Dr. Joachim Selbig, Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology, Am Mühlenberg 1, D-14476 Golm, Germany

Executive chair:

Dr. Daniel Hoffmann, Center of Advanced European Studies and Research, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2, D-53175 Bonn, Germany

Technical issues about the web service can be addressed to

Dr. Joachim Büch, Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics, Stuhlsatzenhausweg 85, D-66123 Saarbrücken, Germany