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The following text will give you information on GENAFOR, specifically on the following questions:

What is GENAFOR?

The full name of GENAFOR is ''GENAFOR - Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Forschung e.V.'', in english: GENAFOR - society for sustained research. GENAFOR is a non-profit scientific society, a so-called ''eingetragener Verein'' (e.V.) under German law. It was founded by scientists in the year 2002 and is open to scientists from all countries that accept its statutes; the official statutes of GENAFOR in German can be found HERE . The seat of GENAFOR is Bonn, Germany.

What are the aims of GENAFOR?

According to its statutes the overall purpose of GENAFOR is ''... experimental and theoretical research and knowledge transfer in areas that contribute significantly to the progress of society, namely medical research.'' This aim is pursued especially by the following measures:

What are the current fields of research of GENAFOR?

This GENAFOR is rooted in the research project AREVIR funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (grant numbers HO 1582/1-3 and KA 1569/1-3). AREVIR analyzes relations of HIV genome and HIV drug resistance and tries to provide bioinformatics methods for therapy optimization against HIV/AIDS. This explains the current field of research of GENAFOR: virology and bioinformatics. As GENAFOR develops further, it will expand or move to other fields of research.

Who is chairing GENAFOR?

GENAFOR is chaired by three scientists:

Chair for Experimental Research:
Dr. Rolf Kaiser, Institute for Virology, University of Cologne, Fürst-Pückler-Str. 56, D-50935 Cologne, Germany,
Chair for Theoretical Research:
Dr. Joachim Selbig, Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology, Am Mühlenberg 1, D-14476 Golm, Germany,
Executive chair:
Dr. Daniel Hoffmann, Center of Advanced European Studies and Research, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2, D-53175 Bonn, Germany.

Who is on the board of GENAFOR?

GENAFOR has a board of five scientist who consult the chair and supervise the work of GENAFOR: