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Eugen Schülter

Weighed down with sorrow we have to announce that our dear friend and honoured colleague passed away unexpectedly. He will always be with us.

Michael Böhm, Veronica Di Cristanziano, Eva Heger, Elena Knops, Nadine Lübke, Claudia Müller, Maria Neumann-Fraune, Saleta Sierra, Finja Schweitzer, Florian Klein and Rolf Kaiser on behalf of the
Institute of Virology, University of Cologne

Francesca Incardona, Maurizio Zazzi, Andrea De Luca, Anders Sönnerborg, for

Martin Däumer, Alexander Thielen, for

Thomas Lengauer, Joachim Büch, Alejandro Pironti, Nico Pfeifer on behalf of the
Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics

Daniel Hoffmann, Anja Lange, Mark Oette, Björn Jensen for
AREVIR- and RESINA-partners